Fresh maple syrup coming off the "draw off" of our evaporator. The syrup is then run through a filter press to remove loose minerals called sugar sand.

Adelaide tasting sap right from the tree

Checking the density to make sure its sweet enough!

The first boil in the new sugarhouse in 2021. Adelaide was 3 years old!

The family! Cody, Adelaide, Ashley, and Grace.

Cody and Adelaide working in the sugar woods! Adelaide was the supervisor!

Cody using a hand saw to remove a fallen tree on a sap line.

A sample taken from each barrel to ensure clarity, flavor, color, and density.

Codys Dad Doug using hot water to wash a stainless steel barrel.

Our evaporator where the magic happens! This is where the sap is boiled, water is removed, and the flavor is developed to become Pure Vermont Maple Syrup!